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Apple’s patent application could bring Touch ID or Face ID to the car

Apple thinks biometrics could give traditional keys a much-needed security boost.

While keys and key fobs offer some degree of security against vehicle theft, those parts themselves are also susceptible to theft. One of Apple’s newly published patent applications is aiming to add a few more layers of security, using a mobile device as a conduit.

Apple’s patent application for a “System and method for vehicle authorization” was recently published online. The application, which was initially filed back in 2017, seeks to use mobile devices, and even biometric authentication, to add extra layers of security for a vehicle. As the patent application notes, “A vehicle with a key or a key fob provides rudimentary security and would benefit from many improvements.”

The system’s workings are complex, but they wouldn’t appear so to the user. As the owner approaching a vehicle, that vehicle would send a signal to the mobile device, which would then communicate its approach back to the vehicle. The vehicle might request biometric authentication, which could be done on the mobile device, granting access to the car.

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