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Lexus UX rocks bespoke tires based on John Elliott’s Nike AF1 shoes

Tires are just a bit harder to keep clean than sneaks, though.

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Chrysler 300C John Varvatos Edition? Well, there’s a new collaboration in town, and it’s more than just a set of badges.

Lexus on Monday unveiled a set of bespoke tires for its UX compact crossover. The tires, called the “Sole of the UX,” come from a partnership between Lexus and designer John Elliott. The tires are modeled after his John Elliott x Nike AF1 shoes, which retail for $150 a pair and are already sold out on Nike’s site.

The tires are absolutely wild. For starters, like those AF1s, they’re entirely white — although after about 5 feet of driving on any actual street, they probably wouldn’t stay that way. The tread has been replaced with a tread that resembles the AF1’s, including a metal air valve that resembles the shoes’ metal lace tips. Hell, there’s even stitching on the tires.

And since the shoes are white-on-white-on-white, Lexus painted every bit of the UX’s exterior to match. It looks like something Mr. Freeze would drive around in while making terrible puns about ice and snow, if the UX existed in 1997.

Of course, this is just a pie-in-the-sky concept, so don’t expect these tires to be made available on the production UX. Not only would they cost an obscene amount of money, they’d get ruined almost immediately, and the tread pattern probably doesn’t lend itself to traction, road noise, fuel efficiency or any of the other factors that dictate actual tire engineering. That said, they’re still pretty darn cool.

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